Recession Buster Newsletters 

The COVID-19 pandemic not only triggered a global health crisis, it also plunged Australia into recession for the first time in three decades. As such, a lot of business owners are in unfamiliar territory and we are here to help you navigate your way through this extraordinary and challenging period.

As businesses reopen, we are being confronted with a new ‘normal’. More people are now working from home and increasingly, staff and customer meetings are being conducted online rather than face to face. Consumer behaviour has also changed and there has been a massive surge in online sales. As business advisors we do more than just ‘keep the score’ for our clients and your marketing could be the difference between gloom, doom and boom. For that reason, you’ll find the attached ‘Recession Buster’ newsletter provides some practical, low cost marketing strategies to help you survive, revive and hopefully thrive.

In the first edition (attached) we explore the 4 ways to grow a business starting with - How to Attract More of Your Ideal Type of Customers. In another article we look at the power of positive and provide 10 ways you can help your team understand there is light at the end of the tunnel. We also give you some ideas on how to track your business’ progress with key performance indicators. Finally, we look at the importance of your headline in your ads, website, blogs and newsletters.

To make the most of the Recession Buster Newsletters, read each article with your business in mind. Circulate the newsletter to all your team members and arrange a meeting to discuss the concept and then develop an action plan. Set deadlines to implement the ideas and that should really get your business moving in the right direction. 

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