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Expert Accounting for Child Care Centres

Operating a childcare or an early learning centre sets forth numerous challenges. Other than difficult parents and temper tantrums, the industry is heavily regulated.

Australian government regulations are stringent. These laws apply equally to outside school care, long day care centres, and occasional day care establishments. Institutions must have professional indemnity, adequate public liability, and workers’ compensation insurance. They also need to satisfy regulatory authorities that you are fit and the proper person to be involved in the provision of early childhood services.

Seems like a lot of work? Professional service providers of accounting for child care centres in Melbourne are your best option! Owen & Peach specialised in accounting services personalised to meet the unique requirements of child care services in Melbourne. Our expert financial advisors and accountants team have extensive industry experience that enables us to offer exceptional, tailored, professional service.

Our Services

The administration of a childcare centre is a challenge. Running such institutes involves bookkeeping, staying updated with reporting for the regulatory bodies, chasing debtors and looking after finances. Most owners strive to upgrade their existing facilities to improve the experience for the children and grow their profits and revenue — the latter includes marketing to maximise enrolments. In short, child care centre professionals strive to boost their service quality but are time-poor and under immense pressure.

At Owen & Peach, we work with childcare centre owners to assist them in optimising net income through combined higher fees, managed staff costs, and higher occupancy. We ensure when it’s time to sell your establishment, your centre’s value is at the top of the range.

Marketing Your Child Care Centre

Searching for some breakthrough marketing strategies and business automation solutions? At Owen & Peach, we work hard to help you transform your business into a faster, more innovative, more streamlined business. Let us help you take your business to the next level and achieve the success you deserve.

The childcare industry is quite competitive. Owen & Peach understands that marketing can make a vast difference between boom and gloom. Though we have a small firm personality, we possess significant firm capabilities — what distinguishes us from other accounting firms is our marketing expertise.

Owen & Peach provides marketing information beyond the average accounting for child care centres in Australia, so you can be sure your business is reaching its full potential. Our expert team is well-versed in advanced digital publishing and search engine optimisation techniques, and we can craft a marketing strategy tailored specifically to your childcare service in Melbourne or elsewhere in Australia. We offer professional advice on search engine optimisation techniques, the latest website tools, social media strategies, digital publishing and video marketing. These tools give you the edge you need to succeed in today’s competitive market, enabling you to reach your full profit potential and dominate the industry.

Most childcare centres depend on referrals and reputation to grow their business. However, the current digital world urges you to shift your focus towards online marketing. Owen & Peach brings years of marketing experience and expertise to differentiate us from other market competitors. We have the potential to give you a serious competitive edge. Our experts deploy effective marketing trenches with clients that help convert their websites from ‘online brochures’ to ‘lead generation machines’. We ensure your website is responsive to all forms of technology, including tablets and smartphones.

Owen & Peach have helped clients across multiple industries produce targeted content, including animated videos, blogs, e-books, videos, and newsletters. We also help our clients with branding, search engine optimisation and social media campaigns if required. Our experts can even assist you with website development, including identifying website functionality and essential features you might require. Trust our experts for professional advice and assistance with your content, video production and search engine optimisation.

Need help with your website, corporate brochure, branding, or newsletter? Do you wish to harness the power of social media to get more referrals? Owen & Peach can help you out! We have worked with numerous website developers and clients over the years to create quality and affordable websites exclusively designed to generate new business and more traffic.

Industry-Specific Expertise

Owen & Peach recognises the unique challenges that childcare providers face. We work closely with you and tailor our services to meet your requirements and understand your business’s unique circumstances.

Experts at Owen & Peach are updated with the latest developments in the childcare sector. We ensure that we provide our clients with the most relevant and current information related to accounting for child care services in Melbourne. We offer industry-specific solutions and professional advice on issues such as managing cash flow during peak and off-peak seasons, compliance with childcare regulations, and government funding.

Why Choose Owen & Peach?

When it comes to the financial management of your childcare business, it is essential to work with a specialist in accounting for child care centres in Australia. Professionals offer their clients more than just accounting services — we offer strategic business advice that helps them thrive in a competitive market.

With a deep understanding of the childcare industry’s complexities, we at Owen & Peach have the financial and regulatory landscape of the childcare sector. Our experts are committed to provide our clients top-quality service, professional advice, and timely response. We constantly strive to navigate the financial challenges unique to your business and ensure compliance while maximising profitability.

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We look forward to partnering with you on your journey to financial success.

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