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Expert Tax Planning Accountant & Advisor

Tax planning is much more than merely filing returns. It is a strategic approach to minimise tax liabilities while ensuring compliance with laws. At Owen & Peach, our expert tax planning advisor and accountant team is dedicated to offering customised and comprehensive tax solutions for both businesses and individuals. 

Owen & Peach specialises in various tax planning fields – estate tax planning, income tax planning, business tax planning, and retirement planning. Our experts are updated with the latest tax laws, strategies and trends, enabling us to offer the most effective tax solutions tailored to your unique requirements. 

Our Promise

Owen & Peach is committed to offering top-notch tax planning services. We aim to help you make informed decisions that contribute to significant tax savings at the year’s end, without compromising on tax obligations. We promise to work tirelessly to help you feel confident and secure about your tax situation.

Importance of a Tax Planning Accountant & Advisor

At Owen & Peach, we recognise that individuals and businesses always strive to bring down their tax liability within the framework of the Australian taxation laws. You need to start planning in advance to achieve the best possible outcome

That’s why our professional tax planning accountant team encourages you to schedule a tax planning well in advance. Our experts encourage you to schedule a meeting with them in the last quarter of each financial year to assess your options. 

Below is a list of strategies that highlight some year-end tax planning opportunities

Write-Off Bad Debts

Review your Trade Debtors listing and write off all Bad Debts prior to 30 June. Prepare a minute of the Directors’ meeting, listing each Bad Debt as evidence that these amounts were written off before year-end.

Year End Stock Take/Work in Progress

If applicable, you need to prepare a detailed Stocktake and/or Work in progress listing as of 30 June. Review your listing and write off any obsolete or worthless stock items.

Trustee Resolutions

Ensure that the Trustee Resolutions are prepared and signed before 30 June for all Discretionary (Family) Trusts. Please contact us for more information about these resolutions. 

Some general tax planning opportunities include maximising allowable tax deductions in this financial year, including — 

  • writing off bad debts pre-June 30 
  • scrapping of depreciating assets 
  • paying directors’ fees and any staff bonuses before June 30 
  • pooling depreciating assets 
  • pay superannuation before June 30 
  • pre-paying expenses like subscriptions, rent, interest, etc. 

Each year, we put together a comprehensive tax planning guide that you can use via the Dropdown menu in the “Our Resources” tab.

Small Business Concessions — Prepayments

Small Business Concession’ taxpayers can make prepayments (up to 12 months) on expenses (e.g., Loan Interest, subscriptions, Rent) before 30 June and obtain a full tax deduction in that financial year.

Why Choose Owen & Peach?

Every ambitious and committed business owner looking to accelerate their success is invited to book a FREE one-hour introductory consultation with our expert tax accountant to discuss our business needs. Our practical business, marketing, tax, and financial advice is designed to help you build your business and grow your wealth. 

Comprehensive Services: Owen & Peach is your one-stop destination for all your tax planning requirements. From tackling IRS disputes to income tax planning, Owen & Peach offers extensive tax services. 

Personalised Approach: At Owen & Peach, we understand every client’s tax situation is unique. We offer personalised tax planning strategies that align with your specific financial goals and circumstances. 

Experienced Professionals: With long years of industry experience, our tax accountants and advisors possess the knowledge and skillset to navigate the complexities of tax laws. Taking pride in our ability to deliver high-quality services, we help our clients achieve their financial goals. 

Transparent Process: We maintain transparency throughout our process. Our tax advisors keep you informed about every step and ensure you understand how we work to minimise your tax liabilities.

Get In Touch With Us TODAY!

Are you ready to start planning with your taxes? Owen & Peach is at your service! Our friendly tax advisors are eager to assist you with all your tax planning requirements. Allow us to help you navigate the complicated world of taxes easily and confidently. 

At Owen & Peach, we’re not just accountants — we’re your strategic partners in tax planning! Together, we can make tax planning less taxing. Let’s get started TODAY! 

For further information or consultation, please get in touch with us at (03) 9509 0188 or email us at admin@owenpeach.com.au

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